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As Fall comes into season, how does this year affect entertainment? Are Farm Parks the new outdoor entertainment trend?
Jackie NovelliSeptember 9, 2020

As 2020 heads into the fall season, many new trends are starting to pop up. This year has been and will continue to be a wild ride. But how will this affect the entertainment industry? No one knows when the crazy will calm down so many turn to these new trends in order to stay in business.

State fairs and theme parks have been cancelled and are trying to find ways to keep up with the new times. However, Farm Parks already have what’s necessary to keep their business up and running! With outdoor dining, corn mazes, and beautiful photo ops, Farm Parks are not only perfect for the health and safety of customers, but the best new form of outdoor entertainment.


To dig a little deeper into the issue, why do people go to theme parks? Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider has a great answer to that question in one of his blog articles. People love the atmosphere, the social experience with friends and family, and attractions that can be watched, interacted with, and posted about online. But with the new safety considerations, how do these interests fall into entertainment? 

Farm Parks all across the country have the space and attractions for all the theme park goers without the hassle of being packed, hot, and full of long lines. Farms Parks in the US are increasing in popularity and it is no wonder so many are turning to agritourism for family days out with activities being offered from feeding the animals to getting lost in a gorgeous corn field. This new form of outdoor entertainment provides new experiences and different types of farming for people of all ages. 

Julie Iovine writes in her N.Y. Times article “A New Cash Crop: The Farm as Theme Park,” how farms all across the country have been struggling with finances, but many farmers are turning to agritourism to pick up the slack. ”I said I’d never do it, I didn’t want the public on my land,” said Norman Greig of Greig Farms in Red Hook, N.Y., a pick-your-own operation with a hay ride that costs $10.50 a person. Over the past 10 years he has shifted his farm business from 90 percent wholesale to 90 percent on-site retail.

With the new changes in entertainment and the view on crowded spaces, Farm Parks are the perfect way to keep travelers, families, and influencers satisfied during these hard times. Move over theme parks, agritourism is taking the lead!

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